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Women for Sale
28 July 2001

Multimedia Art Event
Women for Sale was hosted by the artist in her studio. The event featured an installation of 1024 stick puppets of beautiful women cut from fashion magazines; as well as twelve stick puppets of the artist randomly interspersed with models and movie stars. Also included in the installation was video footage appropriated from the fashion channel with subtitles added by the artist. All of the puppets could be purchased for 10 agarot each. Simultaneously, in a separate, outdoor space the artist changed clothes four times behind a folding screen and continued the dressing ritual in front of the guests. She appeared each time with a different “look”. The performance illustrated the struggle of the “everywoman” to achieve society’s ideal. Between changes the artist circulated in the crowd for approximately five minutes each time. The event culminated with an auction of puppets of the 6 most famous women in which the guests participated. The length of the event was one and one half hours and there was a forty agarot entrance fee.