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The Symbolic Order
11 November 2004

Interactive Installation
The existing social order in which we have to function as human beings is already clearly illustrated in the classroom, where students are categorized and labeled in a definite way. These labels contribute to the way in which one perceives him or herself and sees his or her place in society. Thus, each individual is positioned, and as a result, positions himself in the social order surrounding him.

The Symbolic Order took place in an International School, formerly a hospital, in Jerusalem.   The project featured a regular classroom with 4 rows of desks. On each desk was a descriptive word, commonly used in school and in life in general, such as average, outstanding or failure . Each viewer was invited to find his or her place in the classroom and be photographed.   Photographs were displayed on a bulletin board at the entrance to the classroom.

The Symbolic Order was conceived and executed for Heara 8, an art happening organized by the Sala Manca Group.   The theme of the happening was the role of institution in general, and the hospital or school in particular, in society.