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The Pill Project I: Mitkablin
October/November 2006

During October/November, 2006, an advertisement for Mitkablin tablets was displayed on the side of Jerusalem city buses.  The text was in hebrew and read, roughly translated, "Does something in you deviate from the norm?  Acceptants (Mitkablin)--the easy way to feel relevant." Mitkablin is a fictional product, invented by Accidental Artists.
In our day and age, in Western culture, there is a pill to solve every problem that we human beings face. The media is flooded with advertisements for capsules to help us deal with everything from weight control to aging to depression. 

The Pill Project addresses the desire of human beings to feel a part of the social order in which they live.

A billboard advertising the English version of the product was featured at the Artmoves festival in Torun, Poland in September/October 2010.