Robin Press
Artists Statement

The mathematician, the scientist, the historian, the artist: we are all, in our way, I think, trying to understand the world.  Good art, in my estimation, is art which communicates something genuine about the human condition.  I spend my life experiencing and observing, contemplating and creating—in an attempt to say something true.  My years in the art studio, like my years on the analyst's couch, have shown me how difficult a task that can be.  I find it an ongoing challenge to avoid cliché and sentiment and to touch upon the fragility and imperfection of all human beings.  My work speaks about the "fracture" in each of us. 

Ideas for my work often come from conversation.  I do a lot of writing when I am working on a new piece, much of which gets discarded and some of which informs the final piece. The idea is honed and honed again as I strive for clarity. My goal is to find the most elegant solution, in order to say what I am compelled to say, with the minimum of distraction, either to myself or to the viewer.

I choose the medium for a piece based on its appropriateness for articulating my idea. I am trained as a sculptor and though I do still make objects, much of my work in the past few years has taken the form of installations and happenings.  My recent works have incorporated elements including text, ice, glass, needlework and digitally manipulated images.

Although my pieces range from the traditional to the non-traditional in their form, in the most essential way, I think, all my work is very traditional.  I join a long history of artists aspiring to make work which will make those who see it think, react, and perhaps, even look at the world a bit differently.