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Accidental Artists

Artists' Statement
Throughout art history there have been certain tenets, which have guided artists. During the twentieth century, artists asked questions about the necessity for art… to be aesthetically pleasing, to represent the natural world, to be made of acceptable techniques and materials, to be original, to be permanent, and to be made by the hands of the artist. Also, until that time, it was accepted that a “good” artist had a consistent, recognizable style.

Artists working today realize that these tenets are no longer written in stone. Still, as we see it, there is one question that remains unexplored: intention. Since the early twentieth century, it has been acknowledged that anything an artist presents as a work of art is indeed a work of art. The question that remains, therefore, is the position of the viewer. Traditionally the public has been “invited” to a specific venue to see art or, in the case of public art, at the very least, the viewer has been conscious that what he or she is seeing is art. Does the viewer have to be aware that he or she is seeing a work of art? How does the artist present a work when the viewer may or may not be aware that he or she is positioned as such? The project of Accidental Artists, a collaboration between Carina Grossmann and Robin Press, is focused on this question.

Accidental Art projects are interactive events, which play with the concepts of space and time. The works are designed so that each viewer experiences them in his own space and time. The art comes to the viewer rather than the reverse and he or she may not even recognize it as art. Therefore, through no deliberate decision of his own, he or she becomes a participant in the project and the project becomes a part of his or her day. The aspiration of Accidental Artists is to push the boundary of what art is to its very limit, blurring the line between art and life.

Artists' Bios
Robin Press was born in the United States. She studied art in Rhode Island and New York. She now lives in Jerusalem and makes accidental art.

Carina Grossmann was born in Argentina. She studied dance in Buenos Aires and New York. She now lives in Jerusalem and makes accidental art.

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